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Mighty Cards Case - Hello my name is

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  • Article number DM-DY727
  • EAN 815627012332
  • Manufacturer Dynomighty
  • Country of Manufacture United States
  • Measures 63,5 * 95,3 mm
  • Material Tyvek
  • Colour Multi


Dynomighty Design

The Mighty Cards. Case exists for 25% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable itself. This wallet is made from miracle plastic "Tyvek" and therefore is super strong, light weight and durable! Tyvek is environmentally sound, 25% of the material comes from recycled milk and water


Every Mighty Case Cards ® has room for 2-4 credit cards, has 1 large box for

money and receipts or business cards.

by the slim, lightweight and water resistant features, you can the Dynomighty Mighty Wallet ® Mini take it anywhere. Ideal for a night out where you want to feel and not your wallet in your Pocket by the recordable surface easy for a quick note. Dynomighty wants with the Cards Case the easiest and smallest card holder for your Pocket offer!

in time, the Mighty Cards Case ® gradually softer and after years of wear and tear

a vintage look.

Mighty Cards Case Review

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